6+ years of Software Engineering experience. From requirement analysis and project scheduling to architectural design and development, he will lead a team through every phase of the software development cycle and deliver quality products that meet and exceed expectations. He’s worked with world renowned companies such as Accenture -delivering solutions to SAY Media, Dupont-, Specialized, Samtec Interconnect, Konrad Group -delivering solutions for Deloitte Digital-, the re platforming of Encore Capital Group consumer-facing sites and 18Techs.


  • Advanced JavaScript and frameworks (Angular, React, jQuery).
  • Advanced CSS3 and HTML5 proficiency.
  • NodeJS (express, sails.js, koajs), .NET, Go.
  • AGILE project management methodologies.
  • Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • Tooling and automated testing.


  • “Angular 2: A framework with Class” (2015, Brainstation)
  • “Angular 2: From Framework to platform” (2016, Brainstation)

Full courses

  • “Advanced JavaScript” (2016, Brainstation)


  • “Composing elegant web applications with React and Ramda” (2016, Frontend Day Costa Rica)


  • 2008 - 2011

    Computer Engineering @ Universidad Nacional

  • 2010 -


  • aug 2011 - dec 2011

    Web Developer (Intern) @ Samtec Interconnect

  • 2012 - feb 2014

    Senior Analyst @ Avventa Worldwide/ Accenture

  • feb 2014 - jan 2016

    Senior Software Developer @ Konrad Group

  • jan 2016 - oct 2016

    Senior Software Developer @ Informatech for Encore Capital Group

  • oct 2016 -

    Software Engineer @ 18Techs & QUAD Advertising


Do you have an awesome project you want me to jump in? Maybe you need someone to give a talk/workshop. Let’s talk!